Furane Based Furachem Cement
This is an intimate mixture of liquid resinous material and a powder composed of suitably selected filler usually containing the required setting agent.This is a non-porous, self hardening and relatively plastic in nature.When set and cooled a dense impermeable cement is obtained.It is designed to use as a bonding cement for Acid Proof Brick lining in Tanks, Vessels, Floor, Drains etc.

This cement provides resistance to most of the inorganic and organic acid(upto pH-3) with the exception of strong oxidising acid, such as, Cromic Acid and nitric acid.This also provides excellent resistance to a wide range of alkalies(upto pH-11), solvents(both aeromatic and aliphatic), salt solution etc.Industrially this cement finds wide application in gas scrubber, flue gas duct due to its resistance to wet gases. 
Physical Properties Remarks
Specific Gravity 1.7 gm/cc
Compressive Strength 370 kgs/sq cm(min)
Flexural Strength 80 kgs/sq cm(min)
Bond Strength 10.5 kgs/sq cm(min)
Water absorption % <0.5
Max temperature limit 150 degree C
Non volatiles % 80
Acid Remarks
Sulphuric acid (70%) Resistant
Sulphuric acid (Conc.) Non-Resistant
Hydrochloric acid ( Conc.) Resistant
Nitric acid (10%. ) Resistant
Nitric acid (up to 40 %.) Non-Resistant
Phosphoric acid (up to10%) Non-Resistant
Acetic Acid (Glacial) Resistant
Chromic acid (10%) Resistant
Hydrofluoric acid (up to40%. ) Resistant
Alkalies Remarks
Ammonia .880 Resistant
Sodium Hydroxide(upto 20%) Resistant
Sodium Hydroxide(40%) Limited 
Sodium Carbonate Resistant
Calcium Hydroxide Resistant
Salt Solution Remarks
Salt Solution(Acidic) Resistant
Salt Solution(Alkalies) Resistant
Solvents Remarks
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Resistant
Aeromatic Hydrocarbons Resistant
Ketones Resistant
Alcohols Resistant
Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Resistant
Others Remarks
Mineral Oil Resistant
Vegetable Oil & Fats Resistant
Wet Gases(Reducing) Resistant
Wet Gases(Oxidising) Not Resistant