1. Protective Coatings
Acid Alkali Proof Brick Lining of floors , vessels, drains acid towers.
2.Chemical Engg Consultancy
Its includes setting up of sulphuric acid plant phospheric acid plant S.S.P etc.
3. FRP Work
Fabrication and erection of FRP / PVC- FRP VESSEL , Tower , Tank in chemicals and Other Industries.

Lining By FRP/ PVC - FRP of VESSEL, Tower as Protective coating. 
4. HDPE Work
Lining of ultra molecular weight HDPE in Tanks, Vessel, Hopper, Chutes, Bunker for abrasion resistant as well as corrosion resistant. 
5. Rubber Lining Work
Rubber Lining of Tanks, Vessel, Hopper, Chutes, Bunker, Chemical Equipments for Corrosion Resistance.
6. Painting Work
Painting on pipe line , Ducts, Vessels Towers, Structures By Berger Paints For Protective Coating.
7. Hot Thermal Insulation
Hot Thermal Insulation of Steam Pipes , Hot Gas Duct, Furnace , Boilers, Heat Exchanger, Vessels Etc.
8. Sanitory Works
High Quality Sanitory Works With Decorative Design
9. Manufacturing Item at Works
  • Silicate Based Chemsil Cement.
  • Phenolic Resin Based Phenachem Cement. 
  • Furacin Resin Based Furachem Cement.
  • Sulphur Based Sulfachem Cement.
  • Cashew Shell Resin Based Cashewchem cement.
10. Epoxy System Application
  • Epoxy Coating in Vessels, Tower Floor.
  • Epoxy Grouting in foundation, Basin, Drain, Bridge ETC.
  • Epoxy Screeding.
  • Epoxy Painting for corrosion resistance vessel, tower etc.
  • Crack Sealing.
  • Sand / Grit Blasting. 
Work Experiences and Expertise
Repair of Bridge Crack with Epoxy Resin System:
Several Bridges both under Eastern Rly. & S.E. Rly. had been repaired by us under several agreements. These bridges are mainly Brick masonary bridges with No. of Piers and abutment walls on both ends with steel girder placed between the Piers on Stone/ Concrete bed blocks.Some bridges were as old as of 125 years.In S.E. Rly. under Sambalpur Division, we have repaired one R.C.C Bridge where Beams have thorough void near the bottom flnage because of Saline Corrosion as entire region is prone to Saline Corrosion. 
Grouting of Epoxy Resin Systems:
We have successfully grouted cable elastomar collar with Epoxy Resin formulation of suspended cables at Vidya Sagar Setu(2nd Hoogly Bridge) with HRBC.We have Grouted rails at track at Tenughat Thermal Power Plant.
Epoxy Flooring / Screeding:
We have done Epoxy Screeding in Chimney Scrubber duct at Orissa Sponge Iron Ltd.Polasponga Epoxy screeding of D.M. Water Storage Tank at I.E.L. Rishra, Epoxy flooring at Sail R & D Complex at Ranchi.Epoxy Screeding of Coal Hopper at Bokaro Thermal, DVC under MAMC. Durgapur, Epoxy flooring at D.M. Plant at Black Diamond Beverage, Dankuni.Epoxy Screeding of neutralisation pit and effluent channel in 6th unit of Durgapur Projects Limited.
Anti Corrosive Coating with Epoxy System:
Epoxy coating of coke oven gas main pipes at TISCO.We have done sand blasting and Epoxy painting at D.M. water storage tank at DVC, Mejia Thermal.We have done Sand Blasting and Epoxy painting of steel structure and equipments at slag granulation plant at Blast Furnance '4' DSP.We have done Epoxy Coating on rails at S.E. Rly. between 'Tikia Para' & 'Santragachi' under Assist Engineer Santragachi. SER
Acid / Alkali resistant Brick / tile lining:
We have done Acid resistant Brick lining to tanks & equipments and floors at Hindustand Lever Garden Reach.At present we are doing Acid resistant Brick lining of floors and drains in different Plants of Hindustan Copper Ltd. Ghatsila and at Durgapur Steel Plant, Durgapur. 
Heat Insulation work:
We are regularly doing Hot Thermal insulation of equipments and pipelines and ducts etc. both under shut down and Annual maintainance with Hindustan Copper Ltd. Ghatsila since 1999, on repeated order basis.