Mastic Based Mastichem Compound
The compound is laid hot by Trowel over the primed surface to any desired thickness and the surface gets hardened as it cools.This surface is now ready for use.
Chemical Resistance:
Acid Remarks
Sulphuric Acid(to 30%)  Resistant 
Hydrochloric Acid(to 20%)  Resistant 
Nitric Acid(to 5%) Resistant 
Phosphoric Acid(to 15%)  Resistant 
Acetic Acid(any concentration) Not Resistant 
Chromic Acid(any concentration)  Not Resistant 
Hydrofluoric Acid(to 5%)  Limited
Alkalies Remarks
Sodium Hydroxide(to 10%) Resistant 
Sodium Carbonate(to any concentration) Resistant 
Calcium Hydroxide(to saturated limit) Resistant 
Solvents Remarks
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Not Resistant 
Aromatic Hydrocarbons Not Resistant 
Alcohols Not Resistant 
Ketones Not Resistant 
Others Remarks
Mineral Oils Not Resistant 
Vegetable Oils Not Resistant 
Fats and Grease Not Resistant 
Physical Properties  
Temperature Limit 60 degree C for exposed lining.70 degree C where protected behind brick-work.
Water Absorption <1% 
Primer 15 L per 10 sq meter per coat
Mastic Compound 75 kgs per 10 sq meter
Shelf - Life  
Primer 12 months
Mastic Compound 12 months