Phenolic Based Phenachem Cement
This offers resistance to almost all non-oxidising acids, acidic salts and organic solvents as it renders.This phenolic based Phenachem Cement has an outstanding capacity to resist Hydrofluoric Acid when used with graphite filled system.This cement provides resistance to most of the inorganic and organic acid with exception of strong oxidizing acid, such as Nitric Acid and Chromic Acid.This may also withstand weak alkalies and salt solution.Industrially, it is a successful combative against pickling solutions of various nature.
Physical Properties Remarks
Special gravity 1.6-1.7
Compressive Strength(7 days) 365 kg/sq cm(min)
Flexural Strength(7 days) 78 kg/sq cm(min)
Bond Strength(7 days) 10.5 kg/sq cm(min)
Water Absorption(7 days) < 0.6%
Max. Temperature Limit 150 degree C
Non-Valility %(for liquids) 70
Acids Remarks
Acetic Acid(Glacial) Resistant
Chromic Acid(10%) Non-Resistant
Hydrochloric Acid(Conc.) Resistant
Hydrofluoric Acid(upto 40%) Resistant
Nitric Acid(10 %) Limited
Nitric Acid(conc.) Non-Resistant
Phosphoric Acid(upto 50%) Resistant
Sulphuric Acid(upto 40%) Resistant
Sulphuric Acid(conc.) Non-Resistant
Alkalies Remarks
Ammonia .880 Limited
Sodium Hydroxide(10 %) Limited
Sodium Carbonate Resistant
Calcium Carbonate Resistant
Salt Solution Remarks
Salt Solution(Acidic) Resistant
Salt Solution(Alkaline) Non Resistant
Solvents Remarks
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Resistant
Aeromatic Hydrocarbons Resistant
Ketones Non resistant
Others Remarks
Mineral Oil Resistant
Vegetable Oil & Fats Resistant