Silicate Based Chemsil Cement
Chemsil Cement is a silicate based cement.It consists of powder and liquid.The Mortar,which is prepared by mixing the powder with the liquid, sets be a combination of chemical & physical action.This is the only cement which successfully resists attack from high concentrations of all oxidising acids, with the exception of hydrofluoric acid.This cement is used for setting and bonding of acid proof bricks and tiles for the construction of acid proof tank linings,floor surface etc.Due to its resistance to high temperature it is also used for lining chimneys, incinerators, roasters and other high temperature equipments.

Our CHEMSIL Cements are two types:

CHEMSIL - SS - Sodium Silicate Based Cement 
CHEMSIL - KS - Potassium Silicate Based Cement
Physical Properties Chemsil-ss Chemsil-ks
Specific Gravity 2 2.1
Compressive Strength 110 kg/sq cm(min.) 165 kg/sq cm(min)
Flexural Strength 35 kg/sq cm(min) 40 kg/sq cm(min)
Bond Strength 5 kg/sq cm(min) 5 kg/sq cm(min)
Absorption in Tolune 16% 16%
Temperature Range 950 degree centrigrade 950 degree centrigrade
Acid Chemsil-ss Chemsil-ks
Sulphuric Acid(upto 10%) Resistant Resistant
Sulphuric Acid(10% to 50%) Limited Resistant
Sulphuric Acid(above 50%) Not resistant Resistant
Hydrochloric Acid(to all concentrations) Resistant Resistant
Nitric Acid(to all concentrations) Resistant Resistant
Phosphoric Acid(upto 50%) Resistant Resistant
Acetic Acid(Glacial) Resistant Resistant
Cromic Acid(to all concentrations) Resistant Resistant
Hydrofluoric Acid Not suited Not suited
Alkalies Chemsil-ss Chemsil-ks
Amonia .880 Limited Limited
Sodium Hydroxide(any Strength) Not suited Not suited
Calcium Hydroxide(any Strength) Not suited Not suited
Sodium Carbonate(any Strength) Not suited Not suited
Salt Solution Chemsil-ss Chemsil-ks
Acidic Resistant Resistant
Alkaline Not Suited Not Suited
Solvents Chemsil-ss Chemsil-ks
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Resistant Resistant
Aromatic Hydrocarbons Resistant Resistant
Ketones Resistant Resistant
Mineral Oil Resistant Resistant
Vegetable Oil Resistant Resistant
Fats and grease Resistant Resistant