Sulphur Based Sulfachem Cement
An inorganic product consisting of molten mass of Sulphur and inert filler. In addition, presence of special plasticizer imparts superior thermal resistance qualities. Sulphur mortars have good resistance to most of the acids except strong oxidizing acids, but have poor resistance to most alkalis.
Sulphur mortars are used for jointing of Acid proof bricks and tiles in floors, lining of storage tanks, pickling tanks, sumps, drains etc. Special care should be taken so that Sulphur is not overheated during melting process.
Physical Properties Remarks
Specific Gravity 2
Compressive Strength 300Kg/cm2 
Flexural Strength 75 Kg/cm2
Bond Strength 32 Kg/cm2
Water absorption % % 10Kg/cm2
Max temperature limit <1
Non volatiles % 100C 
Chemical Resistance
Acid Remarks
Sulphuric acid (70%) Resistant
Sulphuric acid (Conc.) Non-Resistant
Hydrochloric acid ( Conc.) Resistant
Nitric acid (10%. ) Resistant
Nitric acid (up to 40 %.) Resistant
Phosphoric acid (up to10%) Resistant
Acetic Acid (Glacial) Resistant
Chromic acid (10%) Limited
Hydrofluoric acid (up to40%. ) *Resistant
Alkalies Remarks
Sodium Hydroxide (1%) Resistant
Sodium Hydroxide (Above 1%) Non-Resistant
Sodium Carbonate (Conc) Resistant
Salt Solution Remarks
Salt Solution(Acidic) Resistant
Salt Solution(Alkalies) Limited
Solvents Remarks
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Limited
Aeromatic Hydrocarbons Limited
Ketones Limited
Alcohols Resistant
Others Remarks
Mineral Oil Limited
Vegetable Oil & Fats Limited
* Graphite Filler.